If you have questions about ...

Your relationship with Jesus Christ:
Contact Pastor Kurt Weber
763.544.2810 X11 or by email.

The church in general:
Contact Kris Metzler, Office Manager
763.544.2810 X10 or by email.

Programs and activities for families and children ages birth - grade 6:
Contact Jennifer Hall, Director of Family Ministries
763.544.2810 X12 or by email.

Programs and events for youth and small group ministries:
Contact Cindy Inselmann, Director of Care Ministries
763.544.2810 X13 or by email.

The early learning center:
Contact Brenda Lovhaug, Loving Shepherd Early Learning Center Director
763.544.0590 or by email.

Becoming a member:
There are lots of benefits and blessings you'll enjoy as a member of our church community. Most importantly, you will:

  • Find Christians who work and worship together to accomplish God's purpose. Imagine the flame that one burning log creates. Now, imagine that same log joined with several other burning logs. The flame is bright and the fire is roaring. This analogy describes what we hope to accomplish together.
  • Experience a sense of belonging. We're a community of believers who truly feel that fellowship and relationships bring us closer to God.
  • Feel like you're "in the game." Every community needs people with varying backgrounds, talents, and interests to fulfill its responsibilities. Our church is the same way — we need people who want to play on God's team.
  • Ready to join us? Take the next step. Complete an application for membership and return it to our church office. If you're presently a member of another Lutheran church, ask your pastor to send a transfer of your membership to GVLC. If not, simply let us know you'd like to join. Also, if you have not been baptized as a Christian, Pastor Kurt Weber will be glad to meet with you and help you prepare for the Sacrament of Holy Baptism.

Planning a baptism:
As a Christian and parent, nothing is more important than bringing your child to the Sacrament of Holy Baptism. Through this gift and promise, the Holy Spirit works faith in the heart of each person baptized, making him or her a disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ. From that day on, the disciple lives in the certainty of forgiveness and eternal life.

Baptism is only the beginning of a child's relationship with Christ and the Christian community. Your child will need to be fed spiritually to stay alive and grow. It is essential that parents commit themselves to a life of walking with Christ, so that Christ can grow in your child.

When planning a baptism, you are encouraged to baptize your child within a month of their birth. Please call the church office at 763.544.2810 to schedule a date.

Prior to the baptism, Pastor Kurt Weber will meet with the parents to plan the specifics of the Baptism service, to share more information about the significance of Baptism, and to make any other special arrangements. Because we believe in fostering community, we include baptisms during our worship services. If you prefer, you can make special arrangements with Pastor Kurt for another time and/or place.

As you consider the details of your child's Baptism, you may want to consider selecting a Godparent(s)/Sponsor(s) for your child. Godparents/Sponsors are not commanded in the Bible, but their role is an old and valuable tradition. Their role is to be a Christian example and witness for your child. Because you are asking the Sponsor(s) to make a significant commitment, you are encouraged to ask for their commitment in the following areas:

  • Praying regularly for your child.
  • Remembering your child's baptismal birthday each year with a card, letter, event, etc.
  • Being a model of love, care, and Christ-like kindness for your child.

Should anything happen to you as a parent, the sponsor(s) ensures that your child is brought up in the true knowledge and worship of God, taught the Ten Commandments, the Creed, and The Lord's Prayer; as the child grows, he/she will place in your child's hands the Holy Scriptures, bring them to God's house for worship, and provide for their instruction in the Christian faith that they may come to the Sacrament of Christ's Body and Blood.

Pastor Kurt will gladly answer your questions. Remember, you are important as a parent because you are leading your child to Jesus Christ. He will bless you and your child as you walk together as disciples.