We care for all people in our community, connecting with them in the spirit of Jesus Christ. Peter tells us: " God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and power...He went around doing good and healing all who were oppressed. " (Acts 10:38) Our Care ministries provide encouragement, support, and care for the special needs of the people in the Golden Valley Lutheran Church family. Through volunteer training and hands-on ministries, we seek to ease the transition and make new connections within a new church home for our visitors and new members.

Encouragers Homebound Visitations
This ministry focuses on the needs of people who have lost their mobility due to illness or age. Encouragers (trained volunteers) take special interest in supporting the homebound through weekly or biweekly visits, calls, greeting cards, and errand running. Church staff also visit the homebound bringing encouragement, Holy Communion and prayers through monthly visits, regular phone calls and cards.

Hospital Visitations
This ministry focuses on personal visits and prayers for the hospitalized. Trained volunteers and church staff visit the hospitalized to offer comfort, support, friendship, and prayers.

Third Pair of Hands
This ministry provides assistance to individuals who, due to temporary or permanent circumstances, need a "third pair of hands" to be able to remain independent. Circumstances such as an accident, a serious but temporary or a chronic illness, or aging can make it difficult or impossible to accomplish the tasks of independent living without assistance. A Third Pair of Hands volunteer helps with picking up groceries, light laundry or cleaning, shoveling snow or yard work, providing transportation to appointments, small handyman tasks around the house, or just checking in on an elderly person.

Bereavement Care
Bereavement care ministers to people who have lost a loved one to death. Through cards, phone calls, letters, and visits, we seek to ease the grieving process. Regularly scheduled visits occur at the 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year anniversaries.

Telephone callers are used in a variety of care ministries. New regular attendees of GVLC are called to ensure they are feeling connected within our community. Members who have not been at worship service in quite a while are called to discover needs, and an attempt is make to make a friendly call to every member of GVLC on a yearly basis.

Prayer Chain
This group, comprised of men and women in our congregation, is committed to praying for members, family, and friends of those who have identified specific needs and prayer requests. Members of the group pray in their homes. Individuals submitting a prayer request are contacted to offer support, encouragement, and seek other ways that we might be able to help the family.

The Director of Care ministries will build a network of Christian resources of support groups, counselors and workshops so that GVLC can connect those individuals in need with reliable Christian help, support and education.